Loss & Love 

With the global migration crisis, in 2018, the Pew Research center revealed that 45% Nigerians plan to move to another country within five years citing violence or escape from poverty as a driver. Majority of these migrants are young adult professionals traveling either because of education, economic or on exile. These teeming middle-class are Nigerians leaving home to settle abroad through legal routes determine not to return. It is no news that the largest resources Nigeria has today are its people.

In 2018, Nigerians in diaspora remitted about $25 billion, said to be seven times larger than foreign aid.  

This long term project “Loss and Love” takes a look at the role of long distance relationship as a means to migration. Young lovers waiting unite with their lovers who migrated for greener pastures. Not negating the emotional turmoil of applying for visas or being rejected, love has been subjected  to a world of technology to keep alive.  

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